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Lets Get Down to the Bottom Line

 Due to increasing costs (gas, paper and ink) my fee for 2024 will be $385.00 for a full service package. 

This includes a pre booking meeting so you feel confident in your choice,

plus unlimited phone calls and e-mails until your ceremony accurately reflects

who you are as a couple and family. 

 I look forward to hearing from you.

Firstly, I would like to thank those who have commissioned my services for their upcoming nuptials. I am anticipating working with you to make sure your service truly represents you as a couple.

Recently, one of my couples requested I do a naming ceremony for their first-born daughter; I was honoured beyond belief.


2024 is expected to be a very busy wedding season, so I ask that you do not leave securing an officiant as the last task on your list of may things to prepare for your special day. 

I already have quite a few bookings for this summer. 

 There may be a mileage fee if over 70K from my home.

There may be a late starting fee as this seems to be happening quite often.

 If you have questions, please just ask.

Many, Many Blessings for the coming year, and keep an eye out for my monthly recipes,

taste tested by me from my wife’s kitchen

Rev Stan 




Are you planning a destination wedding?

A destination wedding can be complicated. 

Your beautiful destination marriage may not be recognized in Canada. 

Before you leave check with the Government consulate 

of the country you are planning to visit. 

There you can find all the requirements to make it legally recognized. 

You MUST make sure whoever is officiating your wedding 

is properly licenced in that country.

Just to be safe and legal get married in Canada first.

Stan can help you with his quick and legal destination wedding package.

If you are at a clothing options resort, please be aware of your surroundings 

and the background for your wedding pictures.

Life Commitment Ceremony


For your own reasons you have decided not to marry, 

but to co-habitat.

Congratulations on making that monumental decision.

Stan will help you confirm your commitment to each other.

He will conduct a basic ceremony, with vows to each other (one of his or write your own).

If you want to exchange rings, that can be done too. There is just no legal paperwork.

Your will receive a certificate showing your commitment to each other, and your family.


Rev. Stan's motto 

Your Life Event

Your Vision

As a couple are you ready to get married?


Would you like a life commitment ceremony to each other? 

Renewing your vows?


Celebrating the birth of your child?


Saying your final goodbye to your loved one?


Your ceremony will reflect who you are.​


We work together to personalize your ceremony 

until it perfectly reflects your lifestyle, beliefs and individuality.


Stan respects your individuality and will not judge your lifestyle.


 Stan is a veteran of a 35 year career in the information technology field 

where he honed his customer service skills, developed a patience that resulted in

co-workers and clients referred to him as the "Gentle Man". 

In the 10 years since retirement, 

Stan has been helping couples and families create lasting memories.


 Stan loves jazz, teasing Sam the dog, gardening  

and just sitting on porch swing watching and photographing birds.









What ever your needs are, 

Stan will do it your way


To Learn More: 

Call Stan at 613-391-4088



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